MASON Features

MASON® 6-in-1 Builder's Tool

Introducing MASON®, the ultimate lead, soapstone, and scribe tool. This multi-use, 6-in-1 Builder’s Tool is designed to make your job easier. Save yourself unnecessary trips to the toolbox. With the MASON®, you can measure, level, and mark with one convenient compact tool.

  • Heavy-duty anti-roll metal barrel
  • Oversized #2 Pencil Lead (5.6mm)
  • Built-in Level
  • Pencil, Soapstone & Scriber Tools
  • 1/4" and 1/8" Architect Ruler & Metric Ruler
  • Built-in Pencil Sharpener under Cap
  • Convenient Clip
  • Measure & Mark

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4 Items

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Set Descending Direction


Metal Cap Lead Sharpener

Built-in sharpener to keep lead ready for use.

Straight Tungsten Carbide Scribe

Sharp enough for marking and scribing challenging surfaces.

Measurement Tools

1/4" and 1/8" Architect scale & Metric ruler.

Built in Level

Convenient pocket level.

Anti-roll Barrel

It's angular shape is designed to stay in place and in your hand.

Oversized Lead (5.6mm)

Includes 2 spare lead and 1 soapstone.

For Use

Heavy-Duty Application

Contractors, Carpentry, Welders, HVAC, Steel Workers, Masonry, Machine Shops, Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Plumbers, Fabricators, Lumber Mills and many more.


SCRIBER TOOL: Marking on hard materials. Stainless Steel, Ceramics, Glass, Anodized Aluminum, and more.  

OVERSIZED LEAD: Wood, Concrete, Stone, Metal, Paper, and more.

SOAPSTONE: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Concrete, Textiles, and more.